Domestic Wastewater Treatment

The combination of higher population density, improved standards of living, increased agricultural production, advanced methods of livestock keeping, industrial growth and careless handling of waste have been the primary reasons for a considerable amount of environmental pollution. Industry and local communities have been making major efforts to improve the situation to the current standard, but there still remains much to be done.

The worldwide over-utilization of natural resources and their unrestricted use with little regard to environmental consequences represent great challenges to the plant construction industry. This applies in particular to the treatment of wastewater, exhaust air cleaning and decontamination of air.
We have developed our own techniques for cleaning industrial and municipal waste water, and as a result we can now make a significant contribution towards resolving both existing and future wastewater problems.

The expertise and know-how gained over decades together with our current engineering capabilities enable us to plan and develop optimum process technologies, complete equipment supply and construction of turnkey plants for wastewater treatment.

Our waste water technologies

FiltrationBiological oxidation
AdsorptionBiological C, N, P elimination
FlocculationBaffle plate thickener
Precipitation松江夫妻无弹窗_松江夫妻最新章节_小说全文阅读,浪妇乱翁免费阅读_浪妇乱翁最新章节,极度深寒2免费阅读_极度深寒2最新章节Absorption / stripping
松江夫妻无弹窗_松江夫妻最新章节_小说全文阅读,浪妇乱翁免费阅读_浪妇乱翁最新章节,极度深寒2免费阅读_极度深寒2最新章节SedimentationAnaerobic technology
Membrane technologypH adjustment
Emulsions separationBiofilter technology